Revelation includes a story about a document with markings that cannot be unraveled. This continues Daniel's story and provides other estimates as to the size of the document.

Sealed Document

The story is found in Revelation 5. In the chapter a document, sealed, with various marks is found, but cannot be opened. Here is the account.

1I saw on the right hand of him who sat on the throne a writing inscribed from within and from outside and marked with 7 markings. 2I saw a mighty king proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the writing and to unravel its markings? Revelation 5:1-23There was not any in the skies nor in the land nor any from under the land able to open the writing and to unravel its markings and to look on it. 4I wept exceedingly because no man was found worthy to open the writing and to unravel its markings. Revelation 5:3-5 (Revelation 5:1-4 BRB)

Important to note there are 7 markings on this document.

In Paleo, but not in any extant texts, there are 3 punctuation systems. Our English names for those characters are a dot, a colon and a quad.

The dot is a single dot. It is found between every word. This dot is found in the dead sea scrolls as a between word marker. It is not used in any extant languages as a between word marker.

The colon is a double dot. It is used as an end of sentence marker. This is still used in Hebrew and has other uses in modern languages.

The quad is a 4 dot symbol. It is the inspired paragraph marker. It is used decoratively in Aramaic manuscripts. It may be involved in inspired section headers, but until we see this use it is unclear.

Together these 7 punctuation dots decorate any inspired text in the inspired language.

These 7 dots, or 3 characters, have a complex 3D back story which makes them interesting for decoding DNA. They must be found first before the rest of the codon-to-letter mapping can be worked out.

8As he took the writing the 4 creatures and the 24 elders fell down before the lamb and everyone of them had a harp and a cup of gold full of incense and these were the prayers of the holy. (Revelation 5:8 BRB)

This passage may be a parable about DNA encoding and the chromosomes in which it is found.

There are 4 molecules that make up the information carrying capacity of DNA.

Though there are 24 kings, there are also 24 chromosomes. These are usually numbered 1 through 22 plus X and Y.

This passage in Revelation may be indicating where this document is kept. It then proceeds to give counts. Is this the size of the text? Here is the text.

11I looked and heard, as it were, the voice of many kings around the throne and the creatures and the elders and their number was 10,000 10,000s and 1,000 1,000s Revelation 5:11-12 (Revelation 5:11 BRB)

10,000 times 10,000 is 100,000,000. The genome itself has room for around 1,000,000,000 individual letters. The value in this Revelation passage is off by only a factor of 10. Maybe this is pointing at 1/10th of the genome is some key way. Or 1 of the chromosomes?