Long Ago

There are passages that indicate the living waters were set long ago, at the time of Adam. Jacob references this too.

Job's Living Waters

The following reference indicates the living waters, the carrier of the text, were laid down long ago.

16Those who were cut down before their time, who were stopped at the overflowing place of the river of life, and then did not remember who had laid down their pattern of living, (Job 22:16 BRB)

The likely time when the text would have been inserted was at the time of Adam. Before he was brought back to life.

To use the vocabulary here, laid down.

Implanted In Our Nature

The book of Jacob has a similar hinting reference.

Something is implanted in us.

21Because of this put away from you all impurity and the multitude of evils and in humility receive the word which is planted in your nature which is able to save your souls. (Jacob 1:21 BRB)

This is normally spiritualized, but in nearly all cases a concrete physical interpretation will turn out to be correct. We are slowly coming out of the dark ages as we change our view of the text.

In any case bits have been revealed across time, but the reference copy may be buried inside every living human cell. In our nature.

Marked Us

The idea that we are marked, like a genetic branding, is hinted at in Ephesians chapter 1. There are several verses, likely heavily edited, but then a final restatement at verse 11.

11In him we are chosen as before he marked us and willed to carry out everything according to the good judgment of his will, Ephesians 1:11-14 (Ephesians 1:11 BRB)

We are marked from the beginning. Marked at the time of Adam.

More reason to think that Adam's family was marked genetically.