Living Water

There are multiple references throughout the text that speak of water that lives, or water that is alive. This is another parable about the genome.

Woman At The Well

There are a series of passages throughout the text that speak of living waters. Perhaps the most accessible is the story of the woman at the well.

10Joshua answered saying to her, If you knew the gift of god, and who this is who said to you, Give me a drink, you would have asked him, and he would have given you living waters. A Genesis 16:14 John 4:1011The woman said to him, My master you have no leather bucket and the well is deep. Where do you get the living waters? John 4:11-12 (John 4:10-11 BRB)

This story operates at several levels. The first aspect is Joshua telling her about her 5 husbands. He demonstrates he is a prophet, at least, and knows her history.

Symbolically those 5 stand in for the 5 editors identified in Acts 15. Everyone reading the story who does so from a stock Bible has the same 5 husbands. Indeed, with an edited NT everyone reading the story has a false husband now too. Use of false texts is like living in an adulterous relationship.

Rejecting the inspired text delivered through Moses to the sons of Jacob was considered adultery too, adultery nationally against Joshua.

Those false husbands are the 5 editors: Solomon, Ahab/Jezebel, Nebuchadnezzar, Mordecai and Ezra. The current, or 6th husband, is Ananias.


The problem of death itself is also what Joshua has the power to fix. Normally we live and die and then return to a new body and try again. Returning constantly to the well to wall to draw water is a parable about the reincarnation cycle we all experience.

In the story of the Woman at the Well, the water is the human body, which in actual fact is mostly made out of water. The bucket in this story is the human soul.

The University of Virginia research group on this topic has many examples where injuries before death show up as birth defects in the next life. Only the soul passes, so these are soul injuries informing the shape of the body in the next life.

Back to the parable, as the water seeps out of the bucket over time, so as we grow old, we eventually need to refill our bucket. We do this when our soul returns to the water of a womb and draws out new water. That new water is another body.

This is the cycle Joshua is describing about constantly needing to come to the well to draw more water. She is stuck in that cycle. More precisely, Joshua seems to be suggesting her soul problem is in her relationships with husbands.

Offer of Living Waters

To fix all of these problems Joshua offers the woman living waters. The effect of those waters will be that she need not need to constantly return and draw waters from this well. She will not die any more.

So whatever these waters may be, the problem of death is solved and the problems of false husbands, or false text is also solved.

Sexual Innuendo

This story has another layer. There is strong sexual innuendo between Joshua and the woman. This is born out by the way the disciples return from town and find him talking alone to a woman, and record it for us.

This would not have been recorded if this was not an important part of the story. The woman may be looking for yet another husband, and Joshua is leading her on, at least a little. Using this as a hook, he then turns to his primary topic.

The sexual side of the woman looking for a husband is alluding to semen supplied by the husband. Not Joshua's personal semen, but as a general concept. This is where DNA is passed from a father to his offspring.

DNA, as we are suggesting in this series of articles, is where the actual inspired text really lives. DNA is the scroll vault for the text. Every human carries a copy. But, if there is writing in the Y chromosome too, then semen is of particular importance to the story and why this sexual story exists in the text.

So the sexual innuendo in this story is likely purposeful, and pointing at where the final vault of living waters will be found. Of course getting the text out of the DNA is not easy. But that is not the point of this passage.

Other passages do describe the modern technical process of reading DNA. We will turn to those later. Until that machinery became available parts of the text had to be made available directly. That earlier process is called divine inspiration.

Joshua is at Sychar in order to retrieve a vaulted copy of the inspired documents. He proceeds to the 'field ripe for harvest' which had been sown some generations before. The living waters are in there, stored very near where this encounter with the woman at the well took place.

We believe that field was last discussed when Jeremiah purchased it. The complete list of former owners stretches back to Abraham when he purchased it. In part to bury his dead wife, but also in part as a scroll vault.

The first heir of Abraham's field and scroll vault was Isaac. His men dug into a well of living waters. We turn there next.

Well of Living Waters

Isaac's servants were digging around and found living waters too. Curiously, this passage differs between the Hebrew and Aramaic texts in this verse. The Aramaic the phrase 'living waters' while the Hebrew does not. Use the BRB in the following quote to understand.

19The workers of Isaac dug in the valley and found there a well of living water. A Genesis 2:6-7 A Matthew 5:6 H John 4:6 Genesis 26:19-22 (Genesis 26:19 BRB)

They may have accidentally dug into Abram's cave system vault. If so they found the inspired text left there by Abram. Jacob's well as known today may have been quite close to the underground cave.

There is some evidence that Abraham's scroll vault was guarded. Read the story of Joseph seeking his brothers. If so, these men may not have actually dug into that vault.

This may be simply a parable about how it can be found by hard work, like digging. It is theoretically possible that some documents can be discovered by analysis of existing inspired documents. This may have been what they were doing.

This reference is less obvious, but the net is that they found what the woman at the well was seeking, the path to everlasting life.

Continuing this survey, we turn to Jeremiah.

Fountain Of Living Waters

There are 2 passages in Jeremiah that reference a fountain of living waters. In both cases the text says Joshua is that fountain.

In general when editors found symbols they did not understand, or did not like, they tended to edit them to be references to god. That is likely going on in Jeremiah. The references, though, are important to catalog.

13For my people have committed 2 evils: They have forsaken me, the fountain of living waters, and they went and dug for themselves broken wells that cannot hold the waters. S Proverbs 5:15 (Jeremiah 2:13 BRB)

The broken wells would be references to edited text, the abandoned the inspired text.

13The Master is the hope of Israel; all who forsake you will be ashamed, and those who revolt against you will have their names written in the dust, because they have forsaken the Master, the fountain of living waters. (Jeremiah 17:13 BRB)

Forsaking the living waters is forsaking Joshua.

The context for both of these stories is that the waters were lost. If this is a reference to the inspired text in some way, then that text was lost to the public by Jeremiah's day.

This is one of Jeremiah's general points. He himself had the Hilkiah Scroll which was a reference to the inspired text which the kings at Jerusalem no longer held.

Zechariah's Living Waters

There is another reference to living waters in Zechariah. This is a future prophecy, when that water will flow.

A feature of the editors is they draw stories to Jerusalem. Either when the story had no place, or when the editors did not like the place. So the location is suspect, but the reference is still interesting.

8It will be in that day that living waters will go out FE from Jerusalem half of them toward the eastern sea and half of them toward the western sea summer and winter. Zechariah 14:8 (Zechariah 14:8 BRB)

Again, seen flowing.

Revelation References: Living Waters

There are other passages in Revelation where the term living waters is found. A survey:

17for the lamb who is in the middle of the throne will shepherd them and will lead them to fountains of living waters and god will wipe away all tears from their eyes. (Revelation 7:17 BRB)

Future point, as most stories in Revelation are future point. Some day living waters will be found.

6He said to me, I am Wa and Ta, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give freely from the fountain of the water of life. Revelation 21:6-8 (Revelation 21:6 BRB)

This reference is without much sense of time, but again a living waters reference.

1He showed me a pure river of water of life clear as crystal gushing out of the throne of god FA and of the lamb. Revelation 22:1 (Revelation 22:1 BRB)

Here the reference is related to the throne.

17The spirit and the bride say, Come. Let him who hears say, Come. He who is thirsty let him come and, whoever will, let him take of the living waters freely. Revelation 22:17 (Revelation 22:17 BRB)

The concept of living waters is important enough to be referenced 3 times.

Interpretive Key

There is 1 particular reference that indicates where living waters are found.

38Whoever believes in me, just as the writings have said, Rivers of living waters will flow from inside him. A Genesis 2:6-7 (John 7:38 BRB)

Here the location of those living waters is explicit. They are inside those who believe.

Could living waters simply be a reference to the sacks of waters that make up living cells? Are living waters text that is stored inside living cells? On human DNA?

In general, as we have worked on various parables for the past 25 years, the most concrete and physical interpretations usually win out. This passage in John may be saying exactly where they are. Living waters are inside people.

This would mean that the inspired text, was always stored on the DNA, but it was revealed through prophets who wrote some of it for others to read. They did this in history at various times. The Bible, at least in its inspired passages, is simply some of that text.

Ezekiel's River

There is a reference to a river with trees given in Ezekiel. This is not called out as a river of living water, but the river with trees does appear to be one of the 3D model systems of the alphabet itself.

There are 2 parts to this vision. One a reference to how big it is...

3The man that had the measuring line in his hand went forth and measured 1,000 cubits and brought me in waters to the ankles. 4He measured 1,000 cubits and brought me in waters to the knees. He measured 1,000 cubits and brought me in waters to the loins. 5He measured 1,000 cubits and it was a river that no man could pass, for the waters were risen so high and the river had become so turbulent that no man could pass it. I Isaiah 11:15 Ezekiel 47:3-6 (Ezekiel 47:3-5 BRB)

The genome has room, if only simple encoding is used, for 1,000,000,000 letters. A typical Bible has 2,000,000 letters, so room for 500 Bible's worth of text.

This is similar to the ladder to the skies. It is trying to say the ability of this thing to hold text is beyond what someone can handle by hand. It cannot be crossed.

This suggests we are looking for much more material than just a simple Testimony level or Bible level of text. It could be much, MUCH more text.

Also the problems of sequencing the genome involve great stretches of redundancy. This could indicate the encoding of visual material like maps. In any case, a massive amount of material.

Ezekiel also seems to add the general topic of is not what we are familiar with in the Bible we know.

12By the river, on its edges, on this side and on that side, will grow all kinds of trees for food. Their leaves will not fall off nor will their fruit fail. In the beginning of every month they will bring forth new fruit, FE because the water with which they are irrigated flows from the holy place. Their fruit will be for food and their leaves for healing. M Genesis 2:9 A Matthew 5:6 (Ezekiel 47:12 BRB)

Here the story indicates that there is a 'monthly' amount of material. There are 12 months and the encoding system of DNA is 3 bases with 4 cases each, or 12 as used here.

This same scene is given again in Revelation, and it is for the healing of nations.

2In the middle of the street and on either side of the river was the tree of life which bore 12 kinds of fruit. Each month it yielded of its fruit and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the peoples. M Genesis 2:9 Revelation 22:2-4 (Revelation 22:2 BRB)

This is also indicating that the subject is the healing of nations. It is possible that there are documents related just to specific nations and their national histories. Imaging reading inspired passages about American presidents of the same style as the Judean kings... No favor, no favor, no favor, etc.

Stones From River

Jeremiah's letter to Babylon was tossed as a stone into the river. Stones are like units of writing in the river. This may be the symbolic purpose of direction given at the original crossing of the Jordan.

3Command them and say, Take to yourselves from here, from within the Jordan, from under the feet of the priests, 12 select stones and bring them with you and put them among the house of lodging where you lodge this night. (Joshua 4:3 BRB)

In this case 1 stone per tribe is lifted from the river. They are stacked together that night.

This passage again hints at units of writing, ie stones, which are lifted from the river. Living waters are human cells. Writings for each tribe will be lifted from that river.