The process of recovering DNA is described in parable form. This mostly involves shining light through the DNA.

Handwriting on the Wall

Daniel is a book about language and literature. It seems to explain the history of Nebuchadnezzar's edits and Daniel's language.

It seems to explain the schedule, about 2550 years, that would gap from Daniel's day to the time of recovery. That time is basically now. (Late 2023, to be precise.)

The book also gives a parable for the technology of the recovery. The heart of the story is in Daniel 5.

5In that very hour there appeared the fingers of a hand of a man and wrote opposite the lamp on the plaster of the wall of the temple of the king A Deuteronomy 27:2-3 A 2 Peter 1:19 A Revelation 18:23 and the king saw the palm of the hand of the man that wrote. K Numbers 13:16 Daniel 5:5-6 (Daniel 5:5 BRB)

A finger writes on a wall with some sort of shadow cast from a candlestick or similar light source.

Nobody, of course, can read the writing. Curiously, this is likely the inspired Paleo forms. This is Daniel's chance to show he has successfully hidden the Paleo.

In any case this causes great confusion. Eventually the queen (or queen mother) gives a recommendation to call in the prophet Daniel. He has the reputation for this sort of thing.

So Daniel is called.

FE 25This is the writing that was written: Mene mene tekel upharsin. Daniel 5:25 (Daniel 5:25 BRB)

Daniel can indeed read the writing. He does so and then tells the king his kingdom is lost and being given to the Medes and Persians.

As a Parable

The structure of the DNA molecule was deduced by shining light through the fragments. The shadows cast by that crude light source were studied in order to figure out the structure.

DNA sequencing machines work similarly. DNA Strands are duplicated and then light is used to determine the sequence. There are standard colors used in this process.

This passage in Daniel may be following the other parables and indicating the process by which the inspired text will be recovered.

If so, it will be recovered at the same time as a political fall of a modern end-times Babylon. A place where this writing was found.

It was the USA that paid for most of the original sequencing work for the human genome. Much of the rest was done in Europe.