Double Flows

An obscure reference in Zechariah may be hinting at the double strands of the DNA, or better at double documents on those strands.

Story In Zechariah

Zechariah is a generally difficult book to understand. Various visions, likely often edited. An interesting verse speaks to a river that flows both east and west, supposedly out of a future Jerusalem.

8It will be in that day that living waters will go out FE from Jerusalem half of them toward the eastern sea and half of them toward the western sea summer and winter. Zechariah 14:8 (Zechariah 14:8 BRB)

Generally speaking the editors brought subjects they did not understand back to Jerusalem through edits.

At a more basic level this seems to be a river with a single headwaters that flows out 2 different ways.

Parting Of The Waters (Wikipedia)

This link is to a Wikipedia article about the Parting of the Waters. It is a natural creek in Wyoming that splits and drains ultimately into both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

So this Zechariah passage may be indicating this sort of feature, though Jerusalem is not on a continental divide.

There was a river in the Seattle area that historically flowed 2 different directions. It connected the south end of Lake Washington to the Duwamish river. Depending on lake levels and flow in the Duwamish, driven by mountain snow melts, that river would either flow west to east and into Lake Washington, or east to west and drain Lake Washington.

When the modern ship canal was built, the lake level was lowered by many feet and the old river left dry. So it does not work this way any more.

Perhaps this sort of double direction flow is implied by the Zechariah passage?

Genome Reference?

But perhaps this is a genome reference. Specifically to the sense and antisense strands. Those strands also flow 2 different ways.

In summer and winter? So at apposite times?

This brings up another issue. Maybe we are looking at a gender pair across the strands? Adam and Eve? 2 documents?