This article reviews the alphabet.


We used the term 'Paleo Alphabet' to identify a precise definition of the ancient Phoenician Alphabet. We believe this alphabet was used by the inspired writers of inspired scripture.

This alphabet was used publicly from about 3500 BC to about 2500 BC. At that point 2500 years ago it was supplanted by the actions of Nebuchadnezzar and the scribe Daniel. Together they invented the Hebrew alphabet now commonly associated with the Old Testament in the minds of the public in the western world.

The Paleo Alphabet

Position Letter Name Pronunciation
0 Dot Silent
1 Wa Water
2 Ba Back
3 Ge Get
4 Du Do
5 Fe Feet
6 Ve Veal
7 Jo Joke
8 Ha Hot
9 The Thesalonians
10 Yo Yoke
11 Ku Coo
12 Lu Lew
13 Mo Mote
14 Ne Net
15 Sa Saw
16 Oo Ooze
17 Pe Pea
18 Ze Zebra
19 Qu Qoo
20 Re Rent
21 Sha Shack
22 Ta Talk
21 Colon Silent
22 Quad Silent


The silent letters listed above are punctuation. In normal pronunciation the preceeding letter is followed by a vowel. The punctuation cancels the preceeding vowel. This indicates a word break. The single dot is a world break. Double dot is a sentence break. The Quad is a paragraph break.

16) The Oo letter is more accurately an umlauted O as is found in German, followed by a vowel sound like in the English word 'ooze.

19) The Qu letter has vowel shared with the sound of the word Due.