Family Lines

There are various stories that point at different DNA spread into the family lines of Adam and Eve. This article explores where that DNA enters Adam's race how it might have spread. It suggests where to start looking when scanning DNA for text.

The Serpent

There is a theology known as "Serpent's Seed" that teaches that Eve had sexual relations with Serpent, leading to the birth of Cain. I am intentionally using the term 'Serpent' as a proper name, not as a type.

This was popularly preached by William Branham starting in the 1930s. This is fringe relative to traditional churches, but traditional churches never want to think fresh about the text.

We accept this teaching as reasonable, and as such we must think more about the DNA impacts of what the text might have been saying about the start of life here in this system.

If Serpent is a man, perhaps from the 99 other branches of the human race, perhaps wider afield, then there is a Y chromosome in Cain's descendants that is different from the Y chromosome in Adam's descendants.

Other passages suggest the distinction between Cain's seed and Adam's seed cannot be determined externally any longer. (See First John 3:12) So this is a complex topic.

Currently publicly available full sequences of human genomes are not common enough to ask if there are fundamental differences in the Y Chromosome across the planet. Once the 1000 Genome project gets their 1000 genomes online, this question might be answerable.

Until then we must be especially careful about what might be found, or not found, in the Y chromosome sequence data available to us.


The human family in this solar system is described by the male offspring of Eve. She is even given her name because she is the mother of all living humans in this system. As described above Adam is NOT our collective father.

The text does not deal with the daughters of that first family. In general the text does not dwell on very many women in part to protect them from trouble. The inspired writers were often at risk of their lives, or running for their lives, and the women of faith were protected from these sorts of issues by not being discussed much in the text.

The 3 male offspring of Eve are discussed in the text. They were Cain, Abel and Seth. Cain killed Abel, and then Eve is given another son Seth, to replace him.

These 3 sons are spread apart into our system. They are discussed in parable form in Judges 9. That chapter gives a parable about what happened at Noah's flood. Various trees are fighting over who would rule. Eventually fire comes out and burns down the forest. All planets in the solar system were burned down.

This parable is matched to other stories, like the crucifixion, where there are 3 crosses and the centurion. 3 planets and an important moon, a shepherd of 100, the shepherd who chased down the lost sheep. At Golgotha one was dead 3 days. That is a parable for earth. One would be restored, Mars. One would be dead forever, Planet V.

Shortening this long story considerably, Cain was likely dispatched to Earth. Abel, or at least his heirs, were dispatched to Planet V, now the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter. Seth was dispatched to Mars.

Seth's male family line, his Y Chromosome DNA, is recorded as going down to Noah. Noah left Mars when Cain's earth destroyed Planet V and ruined the surface of Mars. That event, Noah's flood, happened just about 7000 years ago. If needed it would be possible to estimate the number of generations since Adam, and relate that to defect rates in the genome.

Noah landed at Ararat, and likely creates what today are called Caucasians.

Even though Cain's DNA is mixed into the race in an undetectable way, if we wanted to start somewhere on our scanning of the human genome, we would likely want to start with Caucasian stock. No other race has a direct textual claim on the DNA of Adam.

Note this is an important point in other ways. Once manned missions reach Mars there may still be people living there under ground. These would be expected to be Caucasian too, and may have some resentment of people from earth.


I once read an article by a well known American Muslim preacher that suggested the Caucasian races were from off the planet. This is apparently a story from the Koran.

I do not have a cite for the article, nor for their scripture source. But, this yet more ancient witness of an arrival on earth, likely from Mars. It witnesses to a collective memory of that event.