Adam And Eve

If inspired parts of the Bible are in the human genome, it was added at the time of Adam and Eve. This article explores what we know about what happened at that point in history.

Humans In This System

Anyone remotely familiar with the Bible knows the book starts with 2 creation stories. The first, the creation week, occupies most of Genesis 1. The second creation story is in Genesis 2.

In the Protestant Christian world the stories of Genesis 1 are often used to defend the idea that God created the whole universe in 7 days. Of course a careful read of this story indicates that day 7 never finished, and we remain in that last day.

This suggests a creation story spread over many thousands, perhaps millions of years, not 7 literal days.

The other interpretation of Genesis 1 is as an ancient telling of the story known popularly today as evolution. A creation story spread out over immense time. The text better supports this view.

This view is held in the religions that control most of the western world's governments, especially Judaism and Masonry. These religions control most of the public purse strings so they also determine what scientific projects get funded. Thus the scientific world's take on evolution is the tail on the dog of these other religions.

A minority of scientists, notably Halton Arp in his book, Seeing Red, and Eric Lerner in his book, The Big Bang Never Happened, use real problems in the red shift data to suggest the universe is without beginning. Or, if it did have a beginning to place that at 100 billion to 1 trillion years ago. In any case the evolutionary history of the universe is not soundly established. This is as would be expected by the religious underpinnings of science.

Problems of Additions

Our work at Paleo.In causes us to believe Genesis 1 and perhaps most of Genesis 2 are not inspired creation stories at all. Instead they are likely Babylonian creation myths added as a prefix to the inspired text during the time of Nebuchadnezzar.

Other stories, especially the parable of the Lost Sheep in Luke 15 tell a very different creation story. That story suggests all of Adam's race in this solar system are themselves lost from the rest of the human race spread across 99 (or more) other star systems. We wandered off. Got into trouble and our shepherd had to come and rescue us.

Stated in modern technical language, we most likely were traveling across interstellar space and crashed here during some sort of interstellar storm. All hands on that ship were lost. That ship will eventually be identified as a moon or dwarf planet in the outer reaches of our solar system.

This position is derived from applying Paul's shipwreck story in acts as a parable against both Luke 15 and Genesis 2. Eden itself is the rescue ship sent to find and fetch the lost sheep. It too would be a moon in this system, likely currently in orbit around Saturn.

So the story of Adam and Eve is a story of resurrection. Our shepherd was bringing us all back to life. He was starting with the 2 souls least injured in that wreck.

Adam was the first soul brought back to life.

7and the Master God formed Adam L Genesis 11:26 of the dust from the ground and blew in his face the breath of life and Adam became a living soul. A Genesis 26:19 A John 7:38 Q 1 Corinthians 15:45 S Ezekiel 37:10 S Acts 2:4 (Genesis 2:7 BRB)

Then Eve is brought back to life, using genetic material from Adam.

21The Master God caused stillness to fall on Adam and he lay and he took 1 of his ribs and closed up the place with flesh. 22Of the rib which the Master God had taken from Adam he made a woman and brought her to Adam. Genesis 2:21-22 (Genesis 2:21-22 BRB)

The way Eve is created describes exactly how Chromosomes differ between men and women. Men have X and Y chromosomes, women have double X chromosomes.

If you look at a cell in a microscope you might be lucky enough to see the chromosomes. They look like ribs inside the torso of an entire body. Thus the term rib in this quote.

From Ancient Times

If the text of the Bible, or parts of it, were encoded into the human genome it was added to Adam at the point where Adam was being brought back to life. There is a tantalizing quote in Isaiah that would suggest the story was written and known at the start of human life in this solar system.

10declaring the end from the beginning and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel will stand, and I will do all my pleasure, (Isaiah 46:10 BRB)

The ancient time indicated here being the beginning, the resurrection of Adam and Eve, what we know in the Bible as the creation story.

Off System Humans

The parable of the lost sheep suggests strongly that there are other humans, not of this system. Ryan and I met a family once who swore to us that they had a son abducted by a UFO. Their son asked the UFO occupants where they were from and they told him that they were, "From a different branch of the human race, NOT descended from Adam."

The son used this experience as an excuse to avoid questions of faith. The mother of that abducted boy eventually asked in prayer where this was in the Bible. She was told the Luke 15 story I quoted above.

Those humans would NOT include the story of Adam and life on earth, as they are from the 99 and from a different branch. They also do not die. Death entered only through Adam, so only the descendants of Adam face death. But, and importantly, those off world humans who visit earth these days treat the Bible as a shared book and were readily able to quote it when they were talking to an 8 or 9 year old boy in the late 1960s.

Any confirmation of Bible stories in the human genome would thus also indicate a type of genetic branding, about like cattlemen brand their livestock. It would uniquely mark all of Adam's descendants.