Articles in this section show results of audits. These check sanity of code and files.

  • Audit Codes

    The Codes library provides a bunch of static data used in various analysis steps across the project. This page provides the unit tests, or audits, for that library. (1,460 words)

  • Bases

    This audit counts nucleotide bases in the downloaded Genome. Provides provides internal audit counts. It can also be checked against other sources. (917 words)

  • Codons

    This audit counts all the codons in the genome. This is a test of the code that manages the test system itself. Provides a reference for understanding the scale of the genome. (4,119 words)

  • Frames

    This audit displays all reference frames against a specific chromosome. This to show all 12 views of a chromosome are working as expected. (2,777 words)

  • Letters

    This audit converts all codons to Paleo and displays the result. Checks Paleo conversion and gives a hint as to letter distributions. (11,375 words)

  • Names

    This audit takes a sample list of relatively common names and counts how often those names are found across the entire genome. (3,383 words)

  • Genome Spread Counts

    This audit looks at the spread distance between codons. It shows how often codons repeat after each other. (11,971 words)